Qdoba Catering Rewards Program

Get Rewarded

Qdoba Rewards is a program designed to show our appreciation to our loyal guests.

How Catering Rewards Works

For every qualifying pre-tax dollar spent, you accrue points throughout the year (12 month accrual/redemption period starts on the date of the first credited order).

  • $1 (pre-tax) spent on catering = 1 point

Points can be redeemed several ways:

  • Visa Gift Card: Redeem 1,000 points for $50 visa gift card.
  • Free entrees: Redeem 100 points equal to one free entrée.
  • Catering discounts: Redeem 1,000 points for a $50 Qdoba Catering discount for any future order.

How to Sign Up

Guests can visit Qdoba.com for more information as well as to register for the Rewards Program. Existing members are already set to participate in Catering Rewards, no new registration is required. New guests can even sign up just using their email address for a digital rewards card.

How to Promote

  • Earn rewards for all the Catering purchased (redeemable for free entrees, catering discounts at Qdoba or Visa Gift Card).
  • Easy signup only requires your email address at Qdoba.com.
  • Receive other special offers to Qdoba by selecting to receive emails.


Qdoba West Virginia catering rewards program and discounts

Qdoba West Virginia catering rewards program and discounts